Ensure a Smooth Manufacturing Process

In order for your manufacturing process to be smooth there are some things that will help us (the manufacturer) help you.

1: Have detailed drawings send to us (which include all measurements including tolerance’s)

2: Make sure that you include all the information that our engineers may need to make sure that your part is quoted correctly. So what information is necessary?

The quoting process can be extremely short if you provide the right information! Here is the information that will make it go as quickly as possible.

Material, quantity, measurements, and part usage (will it be used in water? Will it hold water?, etc etc…). These are just some of the main questions that are necessary to have answers to in order for the process to flow smoothly.

3: Have a 3d model. If you have a 3d model it makes it less of a guessing game for the engineers (engineers don’t typically like to guess when it comes to quoting). Plus, with a 3d model we can run it through a simulation that will show how difficult the part may be to manufacture. This simulation will also show what the chances of stress cracks or other possible issues may be located. Then our engineers can help you modify your part for the manufacturing process that best suits your needs!