Okay, what’s your definition of growth? The term has many definitions. Most center around some form of increase in physical size.

But we, at Walker, believe that the only truly important elements of growth are those that provide YOU, our customers, with important new solutions to help you to conquer everyday production problems. So we’ve invested heavily in expanding our facilities this year, but we’re also making one huge step forward in capability.

This prime investment is the addition of our new 1100 ton Stamtec large bed stamping press. There’s nothing like it in any job stamping facility on the entire West Coast, and we can’t wait for its arrival in April, 2015. Among other things, it will give us the enhanced capacity to produce larger automotive chassis parts like front and rear side members, floor reinforcements, I/P assemblies, side pillars and strut houses. And that’s just for starters. But it’s a huge step for all of our potential customers in helping you to meet one of your biggest challenges…continually making good parts at a competitive price.

In the end, all of our new additions are designed for one purpose – to create new opportunities to grow our relationship with you, our existing customers. And thanks to you, we are able to make these kinds of upgrades and look forward to being a part of your plans in 2015.