Constant Force Springs

For more than 30 years Walker Manufacturing Group has been providing constant force springs to customers in a diverse array of industries including consumer, medical and aerospace.

Our springs are used in products such as point-of-sale displays, counter-balance applications, seat belt retraction, transducers, electrical motors and cable retraction mechanisms.

We offer expert design assistance that can help you achieve the best performance at the lowest possible cost. Walker Manufacturing Group designs and manufactures all types of constant force springs, including:

  • Conventional Extension Springs up to 4” Wide
  • Single and Double Body Brush Springs
  • Variable Force Springs with Any End Detail
  • Power Spring Assemblies
  • Spiral Torsion Springs
  • Spring Motors
  • Spring Reels in Steel and Plastic Housings

We fulfill on all orders regardless of quantity, from prototype to large production, and build our own tooling in-house.