Sheet Metal Fabrication

Across industries, Walker Manufacturing Group has become synonymous with sheet metal fabrication. That’s because our production facilities specialize in end-to-end services with sheet metal fabrication solutions that meet all sizes and specifications. We want to be your partner — contact us and set your time for a consultation where we can discuss everything.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Walker Manufacturing Group, we understand that no two projects are alike. Whether you need small, intricate parts or large, robust structures, we’ve got you covered. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to create custom sheet metal solutions that fit your exact specifications.

Every Cut is Made With Absolute Precision

In sheet metal fabrication, there is nothing more important than making precision cuts. We take pride in it. If the cut isn’t perfect, we toss it aside and make the cut again. How does Walker Manufacturing Group do it? With advanced machinery and computer tech that makes the perfect bends and cuts. 

Innovative Design Support

Our design team excels in turning your ideas into reality. Using cutting-edge CAD software, we help you visualize your project before we start fabrication. This ensures that every detail is perfect, from the initial concept to the final product.

Efficient Production Processes

Efficiency is key in sheet metal fabrication. We streamline our processes to handle both high-volume and low-volume production runs efficiently. This flexibility means we can meet your needs, regardless of the project size.

Maintenance & Support Remain a Priority

As we said — we are long-term and committed partners. That means our commitment to your business doesn’t end with the sheet metal fabrication. We also offer support services and are available to answer any question at any time. 

Why Choose Walker Manufacturing Group for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Expertise and Experience

Facilities Equipped With the Latest Tech

Our 250,000-square-foot facilities use the latest sheet metal fabrication tech. And we do it all under one roof so our production team can maintain elite quality assurance. 

Customer-Focused Approach

Your needs are our top priority. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide solutions that exceed your expectations. Our collaborative approach ensures we’re always aligned with your goals.

Keeping Our Pricing Transparent

When we give you an estimate, we stick to it. We believe in fair and transparent pricing with no games or tricks. Partners are people you trust — and trust is what we are about at Walker Manufacturing Group. 

Benefits of Partnering with Walker Manufacturing Group

End-to-End Solutions

From initial design to final production, we offer comprehensive solutions that meet your exact requirements. Our vertical integration allows us to control every aspect of the sheet metal fabrication process, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery.

Innovative Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions

Are you sick of working with so-called “partners” only to feel like they never lived up to their promises? That’s not how it is when you partner with Walker Manufacturing Group for your metal fabrication needs. We stand out because we push ourselves to always be innovative so you always stay competitive. 

Nationwide Reach with Local Expertise

With facilities in the Midwest and on the West Coast, we combine local knowledge with the capability to serve clients nationwide. This unique advantage allows us to provide personalized service and broad capabilities.

Industries We Serve with Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services


The automotive industry needs metal parts for almost every part of the vehicles they produce. Walker Manufacturing Group has been a trusted sheet metal fabrication partner for this industry for years. 

Consumer Electronics

Walker Manufacturing Group’s sheet metal fabrication services extend to the consumer electronics sector. Trust us with the experience necessary to create durable components that power and house electronics of all types.  



Aircraft require metal fabrication with specs down to less than a millimeter. This injury requires stringent requirements that Walker Manufacturing Group can match. How? Because we only hire the top professionals in the industry. 


In the medical field, we produce sheet metal parts that are crucial for the functionality and reliability of medical devices and equipment, adhering to strict healthcare standards.

Defense and Government Contracts

Our manufacturing capabilities support the defense sector and government contracts, producing sheet metal components that meet stringent military and governmental specifications.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial industries have been coming to us for years for heavy-duty sheet metal fabrication applications. Why? Because our name equals precision and quality. 

Solar Energy

Our sheet metal fabrication services support the renewable energy sector by creating durable parts for solar power systems, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.


Walker Manufacturing Group offers metal fabrications for any industry in need of high quality products built with precision and the latest technology. With us, it’s all about superior workmanship.

There is Nobody Better to Turn To Than Walker Manufacturing Group 

If you are ready to have your job done right the first time, Walker Manufacturing Group promises perfection while producing your metal fabrication project. We do custom parts, high-volume production, and massive undertakings that other companies simply can’t handle.