Metal Stamping

At Walker Manufacturing Group, we elevate the standard for metal stamping across the nation. With our roots in the heart of American industry, we blend innovation with execution to transform metal into components that serve as the foundation for products ranging from everyday utilities to critical automotive parts. Our commitment to quality reflects our integrity and directly impacts lives. To learn more, contact our office.

Metal Stamping: Our Mastery and Mission

From the simplest parts to the most complex components, our metal stamping services are designed to meet a stringent demand for quality. 

With equipment ranging from 30- to 1100-ton stamping presses and proficiency in both progressive and transfer dies, we have the capability to execute your projects with precision. 

Serving the entire United States, Walker Manufacturing Group is your partner in delivering metal stamping solutions that save lives through uncompromising integrity and quality.

Celebrated for Excellence

At Walker Manufacturing Group, our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is key to our success.

Across the country, businesses trust us for our metal stamping expertise, transparent pricing, and unparalleled client service.

Metal Stamping Services

At Walker Manufacturing Group, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of metal stamping services. From initial design to the final protective coatings, our services meet the complete needs of our partners.

Hardware Insertion

Our metal stamping service extends to include hardware insertion, ensuring components are shaped to perfection and ready for immediate use in assembly lines. This streamlines the manufacturing process, reducing time and cost.


We integrate welding into our metal stamping services to provide a comprehensive solution. Our welding expertise ensures strong and durable joins, essential for the high-quality components our clients depend on. By incorporating advanced welding techniques, we offer versatile joining solutions that accommodate a wide range of material types and thicknesses.

Mechanical and Electrical Mechanical Assembly

Beyond shaping metal, our services include both mechanical and electrical mechanical assembly. This capability ensures that stamped parts can be assembled with precision, meeting the complex requirements of today’s industries. 


Our painting and finishing services are the perfect final steps in the metal stamping process. We provide a variety of options to protect and enhance the appearance of your components. From aesthetic finishes to protective coatings, our painting and finishing solutions improve the performance and longevity of your products.


Our plating and coatings services offer an additional layer of protection and aesthetic appeal to stamped metal parts. Tailored to withstand various environmental conditions, our solutions provide durability and compliance with the rigorous expectations of industries across the country. These services are essential for components requiring enhanced resistance to wear, corrosion, or electrical interference.

Product Development

Our expertise in metal stamping is complemented by our product development services. We assist in the design and prototyping of new products, leveraging our stamping capabilities to bring innovative ideas to life. A commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency drives our product development process.

Collaborating Across Industries with Precision Metal Stamping

Walker Manufacturing Group is a key player in metal stamping, earning the trust of varied sectors through our dedication to superior quality. We are honored to collaborate with:

Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers

We meet the demanding specifications of the automotive sector, ensuring Tier 1 suppliers receive parts that are both reliable and of exceptional quality.

Solar Energy Sector 

We are at the forefront of the green energy movement, crafting robust, high-efficiency components vital for the operation of solar power systems.

Defense Sector 

Our contributions to national defense include the production of sturdy metal components, serving various military needs with parts that uphold the highest standards of durability and performance.

Aerospace Industry 

Our commitment to ultra-precise manufacturing supports the creation of essential components, crucial for the safety and reliability of aerospace technology.

Communications Sector 

As the communications field continues to advance, we supply key components that improve the reliability and efficacy of cutting-edge communication systems.

Air Filtration Industry 

Our production of metal parts for air filtration systems plays a significant role in improving air quality, making environments safer and healthier.

Beverage Sector 

We provide metal stamping services that increase both the productivity and dependability of beverage processing and dispensing equipment.

Walker Manufacturing Group’s extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art technology equip us to fulfill the unique demands of these diverse sectors, emphasizing our unwavering dedication to innovation, excellence, and client success.

Transparent Pricing, Local Expertise, and Unwavering Support

At Walker Manufacturing Group, transparency, local knowledge, and continuous support form the cornerstone of our approach to metal stamping. Thanks to our commitment to transparent pricing and open communication, you’re assured of understanding the full cost of your metal stamping project from the start. 

Our dedication to your success is round-the-clock. Our team provides project support to address your needs or concerns at any time. Every project we undertake is poised for success, reflecting our commitment to the highest quality standards.

Why Choose Walker Manufacturing Group for Metal Stamping?

Choosing Walker Manufacturing Group for your metal stamping needs means partnering with a leader known for its dedication to quality, efficiency, and innovation. Our comprehensive capabilities, combined with a client-centric approach, set us apart.

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