Roll Forming

Walker Manufacturing Group is one the largest Roll Forming companies in the Midwest. With over 65 years of experience and 36 roll form lines, Walker is equipped to handle material up to 24” wide and as narrow as one inch.

Roll forming is the unique process of taking flat slit raw material and passing it through a series of roll stations resulting in a totally formed angle, channel or a unique section based on engineering drawings completed at Walker internally or supplied by the customer. Roll forming works well when the customer has a long production run of parts measuring up to 45 feet. Having multiple roll forming lines that will handle material up to .250” in thickness creates opportunities for the customer to single source their requirement with one supplier. Our spindle diameters between 1.25 and 3.5 and up to 19 passes allow us to handle a array of projects.

Walker currently roll forms parts for Tier 1 automotive and truck, DOD, solar, arcade games, security and sports flooring, to name a few of the over 100 industries we work with.  

Added to our width and thickness capabilities is our specialty of pre and post punching product in-line, which negates the cost of secondary operations. This process has been perfected at Walker over decades of experience.

Located just outside downtown Chicago, Walker’s centralized location in the central hub of the country allows us access to multiple material suppliers, shipping services and outside processing services. This helps the customer save on shipping, material acquisition time and our ability to receive the most competitive bids on your parts.

Standard Roll Formed Profiles Available

Walker has a multitude of standard angles and channels in a variety of gauges and widths in-house. Whether is a C, U or hat channel, along with other standard shapes, Walker will help with your part needs.

Internal Engineering Design

Walker has a complete engineering department and decades of experience that can design and produce a complete set up for your roll forming needs.

In House Die Design

Pulling from over 65 years of experience, Walker engineers can create a fully engineered set of high precision roller dies to be owned by the customer or by Walker.