Toyota Diversity Event | Awesome Company, Awesome Event

As a supplier for Toyota we were invited to Toyota’s Diversity Event, and we couldn’t have been more excited.

A little about how Toyota works…

Toyota is a company that believes in strengthening the team around them, and we’re not only talking about the employees, but also the suppliers, and anyone else who works closely with Toyota knows what benefits this provides.

When it comes to their suppliers, Toyota provides as much support  to make them bigger, better, and stronger.

This event showcased speakers that were motivating and inspirational.

One of which was Vernice Armour, who was an amazing fighter pilot for the United States Marine Corps officer. She’s now a motivational speaker

This event was not only inspirational but it also gave other suppliers the opportunity to network with each other to work with other companies that valued being a diverse company.

Thank you Toyota for a wonderful and inspiring experience!